This site is about the partnership for editorial design and infographics founded by Bill Easter and Linda Fairwether Nash in London in 1976 and that continued until 2014 after they moved to the Netherlands in 1978. The site aims to document some of the work they produced both jointly and individually during their professional lives on both sides of the water.

visual of the musculature of the arm

about the partnership

The idea behind the partnership was, where possible, to work on editorial design projects in which infography and graphic design came together to enhance the end result. In the early days this consisted mostly of developing ideas for non-fiction book projects. Later, after moving to The Netherlands in 1978, Bill and Linda worked together on a number of book and editorial design commissions where visualising information was the core concern and their talents could be successfully integrated. Where projects didn’t lend themselves to this kind of collaboration they worked individually for clients on jobs that utilised their particular skills.

Bill Easter London 2009

about Bill

Bill studied technical illustration at Hornsey College of Art and worked for a number of years in Central London before teaming up with Linda in 1974. As part of Easter Fairwether he worked primarily as infographer and occasional illustrator. Besides this he was a part-time lecturer in information design and later course leader at AKV St Joost Academy of Art & Design. He retired in 2014 since when he has been catching up on his love of old industrial buildings and other long-held interests.

Linda Fairwether Nash Italy 2010

about Linda

Linda studied at Winchester and Chelsea Colleges of Art and worked amongst others for The Reader's Digest and Dorling Kindersley in London before going freelance. In Easter Fairwether she worked as a graphic designer and visualiser later moving into translation and editorial work, latterly for an international organisation. She retired in 2011 and now spends her time between tending her small but beautifully proportioned garden and researching the family trees.