professional life

This part of the site is about my professional life from 1972-1978 in the UK and then with Easter Fairwether in The Netherlands until 2000 as technical illustrator and infographer. Besides this I was part-time lecturer and latterly course leader at AKV St Joost School of Art & Design.

Additionally there is a separate site about subjects of interest and inspiration for me I am still exploring that you can find here.


Infography is the study, process and practice of visualising information to improve the quality, legibility and clarity of thought and communication.
Technical subjects in particular have always held my fascination and many of the projects I participated in had a distinct technical dimension. Researching the subject and understanding it were always enjoyable phases of an assignment for me. When subsequently translating this info into visual form I tried to strike the right balance between visual impact, clarity and accuracy.



Over the years I have occasionally been able to find time to investigate ideas or subjects for illustrations, often infographical in nature, where I can direct sources of inspiration towards more experimental images. Now that I have more time on my hands I hope to be doing more of this in the future.


teaching & education

I first started teaching soon after I left college in England. I was asked to do some part-time tutoring at my old department at Hornsey College of Art and also taught at Bournemouth for a while.
When we moved to Holland in 1978 I was introduced by a good friend to the director at the Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving in Den Bosch. He was interested in what I might be able to bring to Dutch art & design education and took me on as a part-time lecturer. To a greater or lesser degree I remained involved with this college, including its later merger with the St Joost academy in Breda, up to my retirement in 2014.


in the uk

In 1972 I graduated from Hornsey College of Art in technical illustration. After working for a studio for a while I went freelance in 1973, sharing a small space in Charlotte Street with two ex-college colleagues. This section covers some of the work I produced at that time.