The few regular illustrations I produced are complementary to the infographic work and usually inspired by that discipline. This work was produced under more open circumstances where I found greater room to experiment or to use a more playful approach. Often this came about because a client asked for something different, or sometimes because they were open to suggestion... Below, a chronological overview of this work from 1982.

1982 rail freight

A straightforward illustration I did in 1982 of various kinds of railway trucks for a brochure produced by Dutch Railways (NS). By leaving out the distracting clutter of the bogies and wheels attention is focused on the main types of wagon that the client wanted to get across.
Dutch Railways, Utrecht 1982 Airbrushed inks and watercolours, detail finishing by hand using pencil, pen; 35 x 25 cm

rail freight wagons

1983 futuristic derailleur

Another project for Toine Post, this time a personal commission from him. It features a design for a futuristic derailleur shown in the form of a stepped exploded view. The basic idea is that by incorporating miniature electricity generators in the guide wheels of the derailleur, current can be produced to drive the electronic operation of the gear-changing mechanism. By pressing the appropriate button on the handlebars, the cycle rider can simply move up or down the gears without ever taking his hands away from the controls. This technology has to some extent arrived in the meantime, but when I designed and drew it in 1983 it was unheard of!
Toine Post, Ankeveen 1983 Airbrushed inks and watercolours, detail finishing by hand in pencil and pen 50 x 50 cm

futuristic electronic derailleur

1984/86 the architects

Again for Toine Post, I produced drawings for two New Year cards on behalf of the Dutch Architects Association. Printing was limited to black and white but beyond that we were allowed free rein. In 1984 we opted for details of the new Royal Library whilst in 1986 we had a bit of fun with old and new pencils.
Toine Post for BNA Amsterdam 1984 Line drawing with airbrushed tints 20 x 18 cm;
1986 pencil drawing on drafting film 30 x 20 cm


1986 work calculator

André Toet of SO Design in Amsterdam asked me to design and draw an improbable disc calculator to show that trying to work out how much working time reduction one is entitled to is an impossible task! I chose to depict an egg-shaped disc with camera shutter-like leaves to calculate varying amounts of working time reduction. By drawing it as a kind of engineer's sketch-come-blueprint-come-patent application the idea was to lend it a certain amount of authenticity and create doubt about the feasability of such a device. The drawing was used for Proost Prikkels 401 published by the Proost & Brand Paper Company in 1984. André designed it so that it folded out to form a long sheet and Cor Jongens wrote a convincing, scientific text to ensure complete confusion.

impossible working time calculator

1992 an organisation mapped

A good friend and colleague, graphic designer Toine Post, asked if I would like to think about some illustrations for an annual report he was working on for the Royal Dutch Printers Association (KVGO). I have long been intrigued by the idea of trying to map aspects of human organisation and activity and felt that it might be possible to represent the various dimensions of an institution like the KVGO in this way. I took the different departments of the KVGO and imagined them as parts of a large building all connected to a central core. This formed the basis for the 'map'.
Toine Post for KVGO 1992; airbrushed inks and watercolours, (coloured) pencil.

map of an organisation with machines

1993 building metamorphosis

I was asked by the Isolex Construction Company to produce some images depicting their main business, the renovation of older housing stock. I proposed producing a set of four images invoking the gradual change or 'morphing' of an old-fashioned building into a new renovated one. As I was involved in rebuilding and renovating my own house at the time I had plenty of reference material available to me!
At top a detail from the final step and below the complete set showing the marked transition from a somewhat thin and creaky, albeit noble feeling to an image invoking a new, modern, clean and solid renovated building. The various components have all been replaced by their modern counterparts. These digital images were, amongst others, printed out and given as business presents to prospective clients as well as being used in brochures and publicity material. I also airbrushed large versions onto four doors in the head office reception area.

detail of building metamorphosis
building metamorphosis-1
building metamorphosis-2
building metamorphosis-3
building metamorphosis-4

1994 epos

An illustrative logo developed together with Toine Post for an archiving company.
Toine Post for EPOS 1994 Digital image produced using FreeHand


1997 office villa

I was asked by Blom Consultancy in Haarlem to produce a number of illustrations for their corporate website. The idea was to try to evoke the warm, traditional qualities of the building through illustration, rather than using photos.
Blom Consultants 1997 Coloured pencil on drafting film 28 x 25 cm


1998 clubhouse

Pretty much the last illustration I produced working together with Toine Post. This time to show the splendid new clubhouse of the Ankeveen Ice Skating Club!
Toine Post, Ankeveen 1998 Black wax pencil on drafting film 32 x 20 cm

ankeveense ijsclub keet