Over the years I have occasionally been able to find time to investigate ideas for illustrations, often infographical in nature, where I can direct sources of inspiration towards more experimental images. Sometimes its just to play around with a technique, in other cases to experiment with other ways of visualising a concept. Now that I have more time on my hands I hope to be doing more of this in the future.

muiderslot castle

I produced this cutaway illustration of the Muiderslot, perhaps the most famous castle in the Netherlands in 1980. At that time I was much intrigued by three-point perspective and the construction of buildings. I wanted to see if I could combine these interests in one project and chose the castle as my subject. I was generously granted unlimited access to the castle - unthinkable these days! - and made several detailled sketches on site together with many reference photos. I constructed a three-point perspective grid specially for this project. Working from blueprints provided by the Dutch National Building Service I constructed the drawing in pencil first and returned to the castle several times to check details. I finally worked it up using pen, pencil, brush and airbrush (the brick structure of the walls was painstakingly created using a pen and thin watercolours which I then airbrushed to add depth and richness).
We produced our own poster using the illustration which was sold via the museum shop at the castle.

muiderslot castle cutaway illustration
compilation drawing muiderslot castle
muiderslot castle poster

heartbreak hotel

Is it possible to visualise or notate music other than via the conventional system? Many attempts have been made at producing visual partitures and I found this an interesting object of study. This is my idea of how Elvis Presley's great rendition of 'Heartbreak Hotel' looks when visualised graphically. I developed my own system of visual coding related to the nature and intensity of the sound and integrated the lyrics typographically into the whole.

visualisation of heartbreak hotel

map of the car

I have long been interested in the development of the engineering design of the automobile. I wanted to investigate whether the complex mass of systems and components could be distilled into a logical yet at the same time expressive graphic map. By drawing the parts in a symbolic yet recognisable way I tried to capture the essence of the whole.

sketch for map of the car
early version of map of the car